Refund Policy

This Policy forms part of the Terms of Use of Crewrevu and by using this Service, you agree hereto and terms and definitions apply.

The platform has both free and paid for components.

For paid components, these are purchased using prepaid credits.

We do not refund credits. Credits used in generating a snapshot where the user can show the platform did not return the snapshot of the user, will be re-credited on review, investigation and election of Crewrevu. If there is an issue with accessing a snapshot, then please contact .

Coupon codes or credits cannot be returned, credited nor redeemed for a cash value and must be used within two years from purchase, there is no redemption or value at the end of that period.

All payment processing is conducted through a reputable third party credit card or payment processor and all sales are final. Payments or coupon codes will be at the rate published on the Web site or agreed to in advance between CrewRevu management and the User. The Terms of Use deals with international exchange rates and all transactions of whatever nature are denominated in USD$ despite any exchange rate guidance provided on the site or otherwise. If an account is de-activated for any reason at any given time, a member’s account will lose any prepaid coupons or credits without a cash value.

09 October 2013