What is a CrewRevu self-Assessment?

Our employer Assessment product facilitates four short questions of candidates into the nature of how they use online social networks, providing a profile of how candidates engage with social networks online. On completion, this is available for viewing by the requesting and other employers. There are no wrong answers, just how you use online social networks.

What is a Social Snapshot?

The CrewRevu social snapshot is a product for candidates and made possible by technology that empowers and enables job seekers to generate an online snapshot profile depicting a 360 degree view of their posts, pictures and networks across LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. This is viewable by employers and the candidate controls which networks to include and can add or disconnect networks at any stage. This is a powerful compatibility tool - the more you link, the more you showcase.

Why do employers and others value it?

Employers want fit - a Snapshot allows you to showcase compatibility. The real you, beyond words on a resume. This transparency and ease of use and access lets you stand out by taking the initiative and showcasing your fit and suitability. Even better, our patent filed filter to screen discriminatory words, better showcase candidates than any online viewing by an employer. Unlike employers going online to check you out, candidates get to see, and control, the overall content of a Snapshot.

I am an employer or business user?

Then we have the solution for you. Register as a business user but let's first get you a quick overview.

Who is CrewRevu?

CrewRevu is an experienced software provider of user friendly social platforms and applications with offices located in sunny San Diego, California! Our team works to empower individuals via their social network data. Our mission is to organize an individual's social network content and make it universally accessible and useful to empower them to succeed. Having the ability to present your online activities and persona empowers job seekers, college applicants, apartment hunters and even someone looking for love!!

Why social snapshots?

On a daily basis people are creating massive and ever growing amounts of online content!

Companies, head hunters, and recruitment agencies are turning to social media sites to promote available positions, research potential applicants, and make a decision on whether the people they have chosen are the best fit for their business.

Social media will simply tell you a lot about a person that might not be apparent or found on a cover letter or resume. A basic Facebook page can tell companies how the person conducts themselves and how they interact with other people online. It also tells about the person’s communication skills and whether there conduct would be a suitable match for who the company is looking to bring onto the team – so candidates can now pre-emptively showcase their fit!

In fact, a large number of companies will now turn to social media before they even contact the applicant for the first time. This saves them time and energy and ensures that anyone they interview is the right fit and the candidate is now able to control the creation and view of this process.

What do colleges, employers, recruiters and apartment owners look for?

The majority of companies using social media for their recruitment process use social media to ensure that the face that applicants pose in resumes and in interviews aligns and is consistent with their behavior and persona overall; and yhey align as a fit for the organization. Social media pages are brimming with information on schools attended, places worked, communication skills, and so much more. Often, it’s not just about a person’s skills, but increasingly about suitability, alignment on whether or not they will fit in. Social media can help companies determine this. It’s easier for colleges, recruiters and employers to make a decision between two very qualified applicants once they have read through their social media profiles. Exactly what a company looks for when it comes to social media will vary, but one thing is for sure: the social media world is forever expanding and will not be stopping in the new face of hiring. Our role is to empower the candidate in this process.

How do I use my social snapshot?

Use your social snapshot as your personal promotion tool. Leveraging CrewRevu technology, you can now use our invitation feature to bring people to your content – and don’t forget to add your personal Snapshot url to your resume

Can I edit my social snapshot?

Yes. Because our system gathers your content from your existing social networks that you connect to, you simply do the following:

Select which networks to use, we suggest all of them, and edit this at any stage. See something you don’t like, log in to that specific social network (i.e. Facebook) and make changes there Log in to CrewRevu account and refresh (disconnect and reconnect that network in Account Settings in one easy click)

Does my social snapshot automatically update with my latest Facebook posts, tweets etc?

Yes, once you have synced your social networks CrewRevu receives secure updates from the connected accounts for a period that the network guidelines support, normally 60 days. At that time, you can refresh if you still looking by disconnecting and reconnecting your accounts in one easy click.

How do I remove my information or disconnect a network from my CrewRevu snapshot?

Easy, you in control and use the Network options in the Account Settings control settings in the main menu to disconnect one, or all, social networks.

Tell me about your privacy policy.

The full policy can be read here. In summary, the four questions in self-Assessments are public. The social snapshot is also public and you can empty or customize your profile by simply disconnecting one or all networks.

Do you sell my data to advertisers?

No. We don’t sell your data to advertisers. We do nothing with any data other than provide an Assessment and Social Snapshot.

CrewRevu is a business. The revenue we generate is derived from offering free-ium access to parties who have value in viewing an Assessment or Snapshot. We are a community of social snapshots and function in similar manner to a job board, being free to candidates and users but an additional fee if they wish to see more information that you see on your Snapshot, a simple free-ium approach.

Is my information secure?

Information is retrieved using encrypted authorization tokens directly from the social network provider. This data is secured over using SSL and HTTPS protocols to ensure the highest level of security.

What if I do not have an account with one of those social networking sites?

Not to worry! CrewRevu simply presents the information from the accounts that you do have.

Does CrewRevu store my information?

Information is stored for the purposes of the intended reporting only.

How do I report a bug or suggested system enhancement?

Please email it to . Thanks!

Help! I have a still have a question!

Please email all questions to: .