Our mission is to organize a user's social network
information as a platform for them to succeed!

About Us

CrewRevu is an experienced software provider of user friendly social platforms and applications with offices located in sunny San Diego, California!

Having the ability to present your online activities and persona dramatically help job seekers, college applicants, apartment hunters and even someone looking for love!

The CrewRevu technology empowers people and allows individuals to combine their social network content into a social snapshot for their distribution and benefit. The essence of CrewRevu is to be socially seen and recognized.

What We Believe

On a daily basis people are creating massive amounts of online content! The lines between our personal and professional lives are becoming blurred and are more often blended together.

Companies, head hunters, and recruitment agencies are turning to social media sites to promote available positions, research potential applicants (college, apartment & employment), and make a decision on whether the people they have chosen are the best fit.

Social media will simply tell you a lot about a person that might not be apparent or found on a cover letter or resume. A basic Facebook page can tell companies how the person conducts themselves and how they interact with other people online. It also tells about the person’s communication skills, whether they were truthful on their application, and whether there is any reason they shouldn’t be accepted for the position.

In fact, studies show a large number of companies will now turn to social media before they even contact the applicant for the first time. This saves them time and energy and ensures that anyone they interview is the right fit.

At the core of Our Philosophy for the future is Win-Win-Win. This means that in whatever dealings we have with others – whether individuals or other organizations – our intent is to provide a solution in which as many parties as possible will benefit. A solution’s success is proportional to the number of parties who win as a result.

Building great products depends on great people!

Find out more about the people behind our company strategy.

Our Team

Kevin Potter is the President of CrewRevu and has built and successfully sold several technology companies to Private Equity. He is responsible for strategic planning and oversight, leadership, finance and company expansion into new and emerging markets.

Kevin's experience spans several countries and much of his success can be attributed to his relentless ambition and strong belief in the power of the human connection. Wherever he goes, Kevin embodies positive energy and produces a whirlwind effect of trying new ways to solve problems within a highly contagious work ethic.

He holds several Master's degrees, including Strategy and Finance. Through his work-life balance, Kevin is dedicated to setting a positive example for how we can still have success and be of service to others. He currently resides in San Diego with his wife and five children.

Having over 20 years of experience in Executive Search and related management consulting in the Human Resources arena, Patti Saunders oversees Business Development Management and the continued growth of our Channel Partner relationships. She brings expertise in developing partnerships and projects in IT Systems, Cloud Computing, Social Media, Online Marketing and Finance. She holds a Masters Degree and a Bachelors Degree in English from the University of the Pacific, and currently resides in San Diego, California.

Rory Hutchings is the Chief Technology Officer at CrewRevu. With several years of web development and application experience, Rory is able to build and successfully manage a variety of Web systems. With knowledge of HTML, PHP, SQL, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, CSS, FLASH, XML, and APACHE, his understanding of business and technical knowledge helps him to comprehend and analyze the complexity of clients and markets. A combination of his talents and technical expertise make him a skilled developer and an essential part of the team.

Rory holds a B.S. in Interactive Media and constantly improves his skill set with advanced courses in Web application development and gaming technology. He lives in San Diego with his fiancé and three cats.

With several years in desktop and web development Cameron is the Lead Developer for the CrewRevu team. His diverse knowledge of HTML, PHP, SQL, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, CSS, FLASH, XML, APACHE lends to his understanding of complex design solutions which has been invaluable to the company’s product development and technology strategy.

Gavin Christy heads up customer service and support. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California at San Diego. He invested 10 years working with veterans in a VA Medical Hospital in a sleep research laboratory within the Psychiatry Department, where he contributed to innovative research and was a contributor to articles in Journal of American Medical Association publications. Thereafter, a career in sales and public speaking called to him as Gavin then worked as an educational workshop leader for the healthcare industry. Continuing his interest in influencing and educating others, Gavin held the position of Public Relations Chairman for a local San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club for five years. Thereafter joined the Anthony Robbins team, rounding out his strong interpersonal view of support. Aside from his passion for volleyball and an eager willingness to engage and connect with others, Gavin's passion to be part of the Best Social Snapshot in the World shines through.